25 Ways to Pay for College


This shaves an entire year or more of costs off your total investment, and is the single biggest thing you can do to keep costs down.


It isn’t necessary to have a car, and while a laptop might be nice, it isn’t imperative. Credit card debt and car debt are the top two reasons that keep students from getting a higher education.


If you routinely take 16 hours a quarter instead of 12, you’ll not only graduate sooner, you’ll get four free hours each quarter. That adds up to more than a year of free tuition over four years.


Reduce your debt and your family’s contribution. Since most government grants aren’t given for year-around attendance, it’s expected you’ll take one term off to work full-time.


By working 13-15 hours per week, a WWU student can earn up to $4,000 during the school year alone.